What’s an IDEAL hiring process?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

If you look up the definition of “control freak” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of a business owner.

Brilliant, fiercely independent people … but that stubborn streak can cap their business growth.

Like, when less critical tasks crowd their plate.

When they can’t focus on what makes their company profitable.

When their Nobody-does-it-better attitude makes them a micromanaging nightmare

My client Nicole runs a marketing firm. She would get resentful trying to train people and have to let them go because things didn’t work out.

I’m wasting my time. I can do it faster myself. Why bother delegating?

Because you can’t scale yourself.

You can’t claw back time. And your business can’t grow. It will stay in chaos.

So I took her through her my IDEAL™ hiring process. Here’s the basic formula:

  1. Identify the high-priority tasks that the business needs, but you’re not good at
  2. Determine the skills sets that you need the worker to have
  3. Evaluate whether you need someone on-site, full-time, or other flexible arrangement
  4. Ask the right questions to qualify who’s a good fit
  5. List your metrics, and let go of providers who can’t help you achieve the results you want.

Together, we helped Nicole determine the skills and qualities she wanted from the people she worked with. She learned to make detached, unemotional decisions about the metrics she wanted to achieve. That helped her select who would be the best fit for her different needs.

Now, Nicole’s team is humming. And she has freed up dozens of hours each week.

What could you do with a dozen more hours each week?

For most business owners, hiring is not their core business. So it helps to have another pair of trained eyes walk you through the process to get it right.

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