Where’s ‘some happy’ in your business?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

The article screams “ICU Nurse Finds Joy (and Money) Launching Skin Care Line!”

Alright, maybe it doesn’t scream, but it is 4am and I can’t sleep. My mind revs like a car in neutral. I go into the bathroom, where I keep my stash of light reading (“light” as in not hard news, law, or heavy-duty entrepreneurship). Magazines like Smithsonian. Biblical Archaeology Review. Lilith. And this story, from the latest issue of MORE Magazine. For women of style and substance.

Sharon Hackney-Robinson spent 24 years as a full-time neonatal care nurse in Philadelphia. (You can read the full article, here). Turned her hobby of making beauty creams into a business. But it wasn’t her entrepreneurial path that struck me as I turned the pages. It’s the renewed joy that her new business brought to the rest of her life and career.

I take a deep breath. Am I happy? I wonder. Or just adrenalized and worried?

“If you have some happy in your life, it kind of spills over,” Sharon says.

Where’s “some happy” in your life? Do you get it from your business? Or does outside joy provide your fuel?

I get some of my happiness from my business, but want more of it to come from just being. I see-saw between playfulness and panic. Excitement and dread. Love the free-flow of creativity that comes in writing a blogpost. Counseling a client. Brainstorming new business ideas with colleagues. Hate the feast-or-famine cycles. The anxiety. The financial worry. (Probably why I’m up at 4am).

To get more of what I want (and get less of what I don’t), I’m working on a new program to help small businesses like yours start to scale. To support their owners, who are tired of … being tired. (Like me). And I’m doing it in a way where I can walk my talk: on a retainer, continuity, or recurring revenue basis. I’ll be sharing my insights along the way so that you can do the same. (If you want the inside scoop, comment below!)

So yay—the fun of creating something that’s of service to others … that also takes some of the weight and worry off my shoulders so I can enjoy more of my outside life. That makes me happy.

What are you doing in your business that makes you happy?

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