Ask for Help to Scale Your Business

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

I was driving north on Route 85 out of Atlanta, heading to the Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems (NAMS) conference last week. In the grey drizzle. During rush hour. Lured into complacency by the GPS, with its occasional squawks of: “One hundred meters, stay left.”

Suddenly, a “fatal error” occurred. No, not with the car—with the GPS. Somehow, it timed out. “Doink, doink, doink,” beeped the error message. Ever tried resetting a GPS in slow but moving traffic … typing in the destination from scratch? Well, I wasn’t about to chance a “fatal error” of my own. I was close to the hotel, but how close, I didn’t know. I was lost.

How did I get un-lost? I did two things. I pulled over on an access road to regroup and get my bearings straight. (Cursing like a sailor the whole time). And I called the hotel to ask for directions.

Simple steps, but I think the metaphor holds. How often do we take a step back to re-evaluate?

And how often do you ask for help?

Scaling your business is not something you’ll be able to do on your shoulders alone. Get a team. Get the help you need. Get over the ask.

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