Convert Your Conversations into Clients

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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How do you and your employees describe your company? Are you losing clients with boring jargon? Do you sound like everyone else in your industry? How can you use verbal branding to increase your impact and influence with referral sources?

In this episode, sales and presentation trainer Rochelle Lisner share her insights on how to create a dynamic company description that catches attention with a compelling story and a call to action that leads a steady stream of clients to your door!

Convert Your Conversations into Clients…cob096_rochelle-lisner-first

  • Be memorable. This means you need to say something different from what others in your industry are saying. Instead of “I sell high-end real estate” consider the impact of “I’m looking for wealthy people with an accent.” When you create a dynamic business story, your company stands out from the competition and positions you as being ahead of the trends.
  • Pay attention to the “three Cs”: Catch someone’s attention. Compel them with a story. Call them to action. The status factor of your title and how many years you’ve been in your line of work are ho-hum for most prospects and referral sources. Don’t make it about you. They want to know what you can do to solve their problems.
  • Get your team into the act. Train them well so they can be a part of your verbal branding. Create a consistent message and be sure that everyone, even those not in sales, knows how to properly speak about your company. Have people practice their pitches weekly so they feel comfortable and fluent delivering them.
  • If you’re not getting results, change it up! Stories can get stale. Or, they may need honing to work with different industry verticals.  Your company story is the foundation for leveraging much of your marketing, so freshen it up periodically.  

Rochelle Lisner knows just what to say to convert mild interest into mucho sales. If you’re struggling with part of growing your business, tune into this episode of Cash Out BIG!


Rochelle Lisner’s mission has been to energize, inspire and educate businesses and solo-professionals to achieve productivity, profit and peace. Since 2007, she has worked to solve their sales, presentations skills, communication and business growth headaches. Rochelle recognizes that a sore spot in business development is sounding like everyone else in your industry. There is no originality in describing the services and professionalism that one represents. Her key question is “Are You Story Telling or Boring Telling?” In today’s cluttered market, it is imperative to leave an impact. This is where “Verbal Branding” comes into play. Can you be considered a person of influence just by what you say and how you say it?

Words of Wisdom: 

“Never, never, NEVER give up!” ~ Winston Churchill

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