Hold On … Loosely

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Ever catch an episode of Undercover Boss?  Like them, we often watch our business grow without paying close enough attention to what’s happening right under our noses. Like them, once we begin to hire staff, we start disconnecting with parts of our business. And “disconnecting” can have a bad ripple effect that shows up in your customer service, in your accountability, and ultimately … in your sales. BB047_Holland Haiis

So how can you stay connected … without getting sucked back into micromanaging? Listen in as our guest, business consultant and author Holland Haiis, offers her insights on Cash Out BIG.  How you communicate your goals and vision to the team is an essential part of business leadership as you grow and scale your company–and Holland covers just that.  You won’t want to miss it!

Hold On … Loosely

  • Where (and when) do small business leaders start to become disconnected from their team?
  • Why you need to know the dynamics of your business, even if others are doing the work
  • How to set up measurable goals without being an ogre (or micromanaging)
  • Are success and leadership synonymous—and why should business owners care?
  • How to share the goals and the vision of the business so you’re not misunderstood

Holland Haiis is the author of Consciously Connecting. She is a dynamic motivational speaker, team builder and business consultant. Holland has coached and trained hundreds of leaders to achieve their potential. She specializes in facilitating transitions and assessing new beginnings, all while developing a client’s leadership skills. In addition, she plugs into your goals, boundaries, accountability, and any other area of disconnect in your life. Her practical approach to this subject has made her popular with entrepreneurs and executives. Holland’s goal is to motivate and enlighten her clients as they learn the value of connection and how to bring their gifts to the world. 

Words of Wisdom

“Change is about having intent and acting on it. That’s it!” ~ Holland Haiis

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