How to Manage an Independent Team

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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BB036_Jonathan-BlessingManaging a team means knowing your role as a team member and as a business leader and learning the balance between the two. But what do you do when the team you put together isn’t working? How can you inspire team members to take responsibility for their own work, and vest them with enough authority to get the work done without running to you all the time?

That’s what Jonathan Blessing explores in this week’s interview. Working in software design involves a team dynamic of juggling a brainpool of creative ideas, and balancing and accommodating each member of the team. Jonathan shares his insights on knowing when to trust his team, when to pull in different people, and the importance of communication.

Episode Highlights:

  • What factors made him ready to grow the business instead of stay small
  • The art of balancing responsibility and authority when delegating
  • How to manage a team that prefers to work independently
  • Ensuring efficiencies as you scale

Jonathan Blessing serves as CEO of Series Digital and brings 16 years of experience delivering solutions to long-standing challenges in software development and the design of information systems. His areas of expertise include information modeling, database design, and systems integration. Clients he’s personally supported include Department of Defense, New York Times, Sony Classical, Department of Justice, and Goldman Sachs.

Supported by an expert team of developers and designers, he’s focused on building Series Digital into a client-centric software consulting firm with a commitment to delivering software that is beautiful in appearance, obvious in function, and long-lasting.

Words of Wisdom

Making software look easy is hard. ~ Jonathan Blessing

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