Key Secrets to Solid Business Partnerships

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Business partnerships are easy to begin, tough to maintain. (Equally tough is finding a webcam freeze frame that doesn’t make me look downright goofy).

In this video, I’m interviewed by Phil Simon, technology expert, management consultant, and author of the recently-released The Age of the Platform (his 4th book). We cover a range of business partnership issues including:

  • What prompted me to write The Entrepreneurs Prenup
  • Three main areas that entrepreneurs tend to overlook when they start their business partnerships
  • The importance of evaluating exit strategy, and “is this business worth it for me?”
  • Why you don’t want to discount your desired lifestyle as a factor when forming your business partnerships

Any other factors on business business partnerships we should have addressed?  Comment below!

Phil Simon Interviews Nina Kaufman from Phil Simon on Vimeo.

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