Rebuilding from the Abyss

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Could your business bounce back from the abyss? If a recession whittled your business down to its last employee, would you fold your tent or learn the lessons and rebuild?

In this episode, entrepreneur Neil Kristianson shares the harsh realities he faced when the 2008 recession decimated his home remodeling business … and the huge discoveries he made in turning around his business and rebuilding it to be a true asset.

Rebuilding from the Abyss… COB076_Neil Kristianson

  • If you want more than just a job for yourself, create a goal to sell your business. That mindset keeps you open to new opportunities and shift to more profitable business models (as Neil did).
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses–don’t shove them under the rug. It’s easy to hide a lack of skills when times are flush. If sales and marketing aren’t your strong suit, sign up for training sessions and seminars  … or hire an expert to do it.
  • Know your niche AND your local area to excel at marketing. Neil saw unique qualities about the homes in his area. So he honed the company’s marketing to educate prospects, track leads, and systematically follow-up. With a marketing strategy that ran itself, he could focus on the things that really matter.
  • Consistent, measured growth is the key to success. A “Go Big Or Go Home” approach sounds sexy on Shark Tank, but often puts enormous stress on you, your employees, and your resources. And can blow up in your face–as it did for Neil. Plus, buyers prefer consistency.

Neil’s systems allowed him to continue to raise prices and give customers confidence in his company. If you want the same, make sure you block out time to listen to Cash Out BIG.


In 2008, Neil Kristianson set out to ramp up his email marketing. Over the next two years, he made some horrendous mistakes that cost him thousands of dollars for virtually no return. At his lowest point, Neil’s expensive list of 4,822 names was black-listed by Constant Contact.

Neil eventually hit ‘reset’ on his entire marketing plan and discovered how to use email marketing the right way. He slowly rebuilt his list of names and used the power of email automation to continually reach out and educate prospective clients. His new marketing plan increased the company’s closing rate by 400%!!

In 2013 he was able to sell his high-end remodeling company because of the marketing systems he had built. Since then he started Email Splat to help other business owners generate more leads and close more sales by using email automation.

Favorite Quote:

“One email – one action” ~ Neil Kristianson

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