What can you do about ANGRY clients?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you know that angry clients are a huge headache.

Not just disappointed – but ANGRY – and having no qualms about unleashing the full force of it on you.

(Ugh. I’m getting anxious just thinking about it.)

While you may do your best to avoid making clients unhappy, angry clients can happen. Usually for two reasons:

1. The client is unreasonable
2. You screwed something up

I have a few tips for you on how to tame that ferocious beast —

Watch this 3-minute video:


And if your clients are angry because of the way you invoice, make sure to get a copy of my free guide, How to Send Invoices Clients Pay Faster.


It’ll help you make more money with fewer headaches.

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