Does Your Business Have an “Opportunity Culture”?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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The pace of change is so fast. That’s why we’re always hearing people say that the only constant is change. But even if you’re tired of hearing it, you know it’s true. After the economic crash of 2008, you probably realized that your initial strategic planning – like that 5-year plan you developed in college – is no longer working. So how do you transform this plan into something that will succeed in all this constant change? I brought Mark Monchek on the show today to help sort out that specific issue.

Mark is the chief opportunity officer at the Opportunity Lab, a business dedicated to empowering leaders to succeed amid change. He has the inside information on how to build a business that will last and scale, even amid constant economic fluctuations. Mark talks about ways keep an eye out for the positive opportunities you need to take advantage of in order to succeed. He calls these tips his “culture of opportunity” and you’ll learn how to create one today.

Does Your Business Have an “Opportunity Culture”?

  • How companies can gain a foothold when the landscape changes so rapidly
  • Why the “new normal” requires developing a “culture of opportunity”—and what that means
  • How to achieve your business goals with the resources you already have
  • How collaborative relationships help create a sustainable business

Mark Monchek has a passion for empowering conscious leaders to build great companies that make a difference in the world. Through his strategy and leadership development form, The Opportunity Lab, he discovers and develops opportunities that merge profitability with sustainable growth, creating organizations that are more conscious, making life better for their customers, employees and communities. Mark has worked with leaders from Google, Apple, Etsy, Warby Parker, Eileen Fisher, General Electric, The Wharton School, NBC, and the United Nations, to name a few, to help them take their organizations to the next level of sustainable growth.

A filmmaker, author and public speaker, Mark’s OppLabTV video series inspires conscious business through thoughtful insights, interviews, and media recommendations—to build a community of leaders committed to Doing Well By Doing Good.

Words of Wisdom

To live with passion, grace and joy, creating shared opportunity with the people I love and the causes I believe in.” – Mark Monchek (personal mantra)

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