Solving the Mystery of Scaling Key Talent

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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It’s real simple: if you want to scale yourself and your business, you need to train someone else to do your job(s). You can’t keep doing it all. But simple does not = easy. How do you transfer your knowledge? And overcome the temptation to say, “It’s just easier/faster if I do it myself?”

On this week’s episode, business growth advisor Rochelle Lisner shares her top tips for identifying the skills you need in your team, and “mind-melding” with them, so you don’t waste time in your quest for dynamic business growth!

Solving the Mystery of Scaling Key Talent…BB064_Rochelle-Lisner-2

  • Develop a systematic training technique. Break down your process into a step-by-step process that you can simplify and duplicate. Pinpoint what needs to be trained so you can start creating a formal training process for your existing team and your new hires.
  • List precise expectations for the position (or positions) you’re hiring for. Employees work better when they know what’s expected.
  • Hire for skills, not title. What skills sets are missing from your company? You might think you need to hire a Marketing Director … when all you need is a strong employee to manage your social media.  When you look to the skill first, it simplifies the process (and burden) of showing team members how you want things done. 
  • Get help … and get started! Sure, you’re a genius, but training others to do what you do is probably not your strong suit. Don’t sit there in a vacuum stewing about how “you can never find good help.” Help yourself first. Form a team for this training process. It could include an outside consultant, business partner, or existing staff.  You’ll want others to help you spitball ideas and test what works and what doesn’t.

Rochelle Lisner gives lots of great real-world examples you won’t want to miss. Make sure you block out time to listen to this episode of Business Breakthrough!



Rochelle Lisner’s mission is and has always been to energize, inspire and educate business owners to achieve productivity, profit and peace. Since 2007, she has helped corporations and entrepreneurs resolve their sales, internal communications and business growth headaches.

With a background of 22 years of success in the challenging world of corporate travel, Rochelle brings an innovative, interactive, and practical approach to sales training and scaling key talent, borne out of dealing with diverse industries, crisis management, multicultural clients, and demanding customers.

Rochelle’s deep understanding of how to communicate powerfully in a “noisy” world (both internally and externally), helps business owners and their teams engage in “Story Telling, not Boring Telling” for the consistent and powerful verbal branding they need for greater focus and profits.


“Never give up.” ~ Winston Churchill


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