Stop Scrambling for Sales!

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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For creative business owners, “sales” can feel like a four-letter word. Your skin may crawl as soon as you hear it. But sales are the lifeblood of any business. No matter who you are or what your service is, we are all in the business of sales and marketing. You can’t grow your business if you don’t have a regular, reliable way to bring in clients, right?

In this interview, sales and growth mentor John Klymshyn (“Coach K”) explores the profoundly different experience between buying something and having someone sell it to you. Tune in to discover how this applies to attracting clients who will choose your company over the competition–and how you can get a system in place to nail it and scale it!

Are Your Sales Systematized or Scattershot?

  • How to nail your sales so you don’t have to scramble for work again
  • How to overcome resistance to “selling” (and get emotions out of the way)—is it all in the word?
  • The 3 questions you always need to be able to answer about your services
  • The elements of a good, repeatable sales process
  • The peril of tinkering with what works
  • How good business leaders can encourage focus and discipline by bringing the sales process to life

John Klymshyn (or as some clients call him: Coach K) has been teaching and coaching for a lifetime. He is the Sales & Growth Mentor for the NYU Business Incubators at the Polytechnic School of Engineering in New York City. Klymshyn teaches and guides execs, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to improve sales, business development, fun, and communication in their lives. He is the author of three best -selling books, and travels teaching “Moving Conversations Forward”.

Words of Wisdom

All of us have a one-word job description – and that one word is CONNECT ~ John Klymshyn (Coach K)

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