How Tech Platforms Help Consultants Scale

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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This week’s episode of Business Breakthrough is eye-opening! Nearly 75% of business owners don’t know how to retire or what to do with their businesses when they do. Do you have a plan? Have you ever considered implementing a training or coaching service to pass down your business expertise?

On this episode, Meredith Bell breaks down how lifelong learning can protect your business’ longevity and how new technology can transform the way you and your clients look at your business in the years to come.BB057_Meredith Bell photo

Tips & Strategies from Meredith Bell: 

  • Meredith built her service industry – Performance Support Systems – from the ground up in the early 90s, but she had to implement new technology and new systems in order to transform her goals to match the modern needs of millennial generations.
  • Never stop trying to learn new things. Resilience requires a support system and encouragement, and embodying these elements in yourself will translate well to your business marketing strategies. Clients respect a business owner who works to improve themselves, and nothing can be learned overnight.
  • The follow-up process is the most important part of any consulting business or coaching program. Businesses invest millions every year in training programs but totally bypass the follow-up. New technology gives you the opportunity to reach out and interact with your clients on a regular basis, so you can guarantee that each of your consumers master the skills you’re teaching them.
  • The components you need to expand your business and protect its growth and your goals once you retire include communication tools, support and accountability systems, and a way for you to establish and measure what you expect from your clients and your team.

Meredith stresses how important life-long learning is to your business on this episode. Be sure to listen to this episode of the Business Breakthrough Podcast.

Meredith Bell has been an entrepreneur since 1982, and she’s an expert in helping companies develop the PEOPLE side of their business. She is the President and Co-Founder of Performance Support Systems, Inc, but she and one of her business partners originally started out delivering consulting and training services. In 1994 they reinvented themselves as a software company. Today, their assessment and development tools are used by consultants, coaches and HR professionals around the globe for leadership development and talent management. The goal: Help people become more effective at work and in life. One of Meredith’s strengths is forming long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. She’s worked with her two business partners for 25 years; many of her company’s resellers and clients have been loyal users of their products for 20 years.


“The word of encouragement you give today can live in another person’s heart forever. Look for opportunities to show kindness and be of service.” – Meredith Bell


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