The 7 Hardest Qualities to Find in a Business Partner

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

Sometimes, despite all the highfalutin’ talk, it’s time to get back to basics.  That’s what I thought when I read JV Blogger’s post on Tuesday.

Yes, when it comes to choosing a business partner, you want someone with complimentary skills sets.  Money.  An understanding of your industry.  Connections.  Networks.

But — and this is what the post highlighted — you want someone who has the basic foundation for success:  Honesty.  Integrity.  The willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and pour on the gas when the going gets tough.  Accountability.  Humility.  Ambition (but not the back-stabbing kind).  Pleasant appearance and demeanor.  JV Blogger lists 7 vital attributes.

A person who embodies these attributes has made a conscious choice about who they are and how they intend to live, regardless of educational background, age, training, family situation, or other external circumstances.  Become that person yourself, and you’re far more likely to find a business partner who shares those qualities.

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