How to Hire Employees without Getting Sued

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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How to Hire Employees without Getting Sued

Joe Harris PhotoYou know you can’t do everything—yet, “it’s so hard to find good help these days. Especially when hiring an employee feels no safer than jumping into shark-infested waters with a bucket of chum in your hands. Joe Harris, Esq., focuses on keeping businesses out of hot water when it comes to misclassifying employees as independent contractors, failing to pay overtime, discrimination issues, and creating legally-compliant internship programs and employee handbooks.

Episode Highlights

  • What you absolutely should not ask in a job interview (especially not directly!)
  • The kinds of topics that are a recipe for hot water
  • “You can’t un-ring a bell” — what happens if an applicant volunteers sensitive information
  • Why the common sense of normal conversation “getting to know you” is your last step (not your first) when interviewing
  • Smart steps to systematize when building your workforce
  • How tightly tailored job descriptions provide the strongest foundation for the hiring process
  • Helpful legal language to put on your job application forms
  • How employers can prep themselves when hiring employees (and who can best help them do it)

Joe Harris is a labor and employment attorney in New York City, and a name partner of White Harris PLLC, a boutique law firm that represents employers. He practices in New York State and federal courts, as well as before administrative agencies, such as the Department of Labor. Joe has been a guest lecturer on employment law at New York University’s Stern School of Business, was named a “Rising Star” in labor and employment law by Super Lawyers, and selected by SmartCEO Magazine as a finalist for the 2014 Attorney of the Year Award.

Words of Wisdom

  • “Hire slowly; fire quickly.” ~ Joseph Harris, Esq.

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