When the Answer is Software and Not More Service

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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When it comes to scaling, service businesses get stuck in the time for dollars equation. How can we increase our income without magically creating more time? We can always find ways to cut costs, spend less, work faster, or delegate to other people. How can technology solve this problem? What if technology could create a real solution that is a pain killer and not just a vitamin?

Today’s podcast is about creating a technology solution to accompany your service solutions. I’m delighted to have technical strategist and Internet expert Nelly Yusupova here to talk about leveraging technology to scale your business and earn more while still having room to breathe. BB051_Nelly Yusupova_headshot

While thought of even attempting to create a software solution could overwhelm most non-technical people, Nelly is brilliant about sharing technical information and making it understandable.

When the Answer Is Software and Not More Service

  • Why software products are great way to scale your business  
  • Examples of service providers who built software products
  • What additions should you make to your “team” to manage and maintain a software solution?
  • What are the most common mistakes that business owners make in building a software product?

Special bonus:  The 4 common mistakes that entrepreneurs wanting to build a software product make:

  • Falling in love with your idea
  • Wanting to involve a developer too quickly
  • Looking for the cheapest developer or hiring your aunt’s cousin’s son
  • Completely handing over the process to the tech team and walking away

Nelly Yusupova is the CTO of Webgrrls International, Founder of Digitalwoman.com and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs and Build Your Social Media Footprint bootcamps. 

Just recently included in Fast Company’s, “League of Extraordinary Women”, Nelly has been at the forefront of the women’s movement online since 1999 and is a Wall Street Journal’s “Woman on the IT Fast Track”. She is a technical strategist, an Internet, Social Media, and marketing expert and consultant. Nelly works with entrepreneurs and teaches them how to use and leverage technology in their business.  She is a speaker and presenter for many organizations and major industry events.

Words of Wisdom

“Never fear what you don’t know.” ~ Nelly Yusupova

Learn More about Nelly Yusupova

Webgrrls – https://webgrrls.com

DigitalWoman – https://digitalwoman.com

Free class: 10 Steps to developing great products  https://www.techspeakforentrepreneurs.com/free-class/

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